Flying Lady Editorial Guideline

The Purpose of the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club
The purpose of RROC is to encourage the preservation, use and restoration of Rolls-Royce and Bentley automobiles through educational presentations, dissemination of technical and historical information, and social meetings and gatherings.
The Flying Lady Supports the Club’s Purpose
The Flying Lady is the Club’s flagship publication and the Club’s website,, is the home of the Club’s digital content.
The Flying Lady’s primary goal is to help the Club’s members preserve, use and restore their motorcars. The Flying Lady is a "journal", as opposed to a "magazine" or a mere "newsletter."  It is a resource not only for present but for future readers.
In both the digital and print editions of The Flying Lady, practical, relevant, technical and historical information on Rolls-Royce and Bentley motorcars from all eras will be presented in a manner consistent with the high standards and reputations of both car brands and of the RROC.
A secondary goal of The Flying Lady includes sharing information with members about Club-related activities such as Meets and Tours as well as to disseminate relevant information about the products from Bentley Motors and Rolls-Royce Motorcars.
Members are encouraged to submit content to the editor/s of The Flying Lady for possible inclusion consideration.
Flying Lady Content
Content in print versions
 The Flying Lady will consist primarily of:
·         Technical articles
·         Reviews of Club activities such as Meets, Tours, Seminars and other member oriented events
·         Promotion of upcoming Club events and activities
·         Official communications from the Club’s leadership about Club business
·         Information about Rolls-Royce Motorcars’ activity in the marketplace, such as new car reviews, dealer news, parts news, etc.
·         Information about Bentley Motors’ activity in the marketplace such as new car reviews, dealer news, parts news, etc.
·         Paid classified advertising from individual members and from members’ businesses
·         Club-approved paid advertising from non-member businesses
 Digital versions
 The Flying Lady may have additional related multimedia content, but will adhere to the same editorial control exercised over the print edition.
Desirable Attributes of Flying Lady Content:
·         Technical articles should embrace the safest possible way of executing a repair or procedure.
·         Because The Flying Lady is the Club’s journal, the subjects of technical articles should be new, not subjects that have been covered in past issues unless there is a new approach to the repair or procedure or unless new technology offers a better way of doing things. Members who submit technical articles are encouraged to review The Flying Lady Index and archived editions of The Flying Lady to determine what is in the record for a subject matter.
·         The Flying Lady discourages articles that suggest the use of non-approved or non-authentic parts substitutions for parts that the manufacturers of Rolls-Royce Motorcars and Bentley Motors continue to make available.
·         The Flying Lady will consider articles that suggest part substitutions for items that are no longer available from Bentley Motors or Rolls-Royce Motorcars as long as it can be demonstrated that they provide equal function and safety.
·         To the extent that it is knowable and practical given technical/materiel advances, technical articles in The Flying Lady should not be in conflict with procedures "officially" prescribed or sanctioned by the car companies.
·         Any article or photograph that references particular motorcars shall list the motorcars’ chassis numbers and owners’ names unless owner/s directs otherwise.
·         The Flying Lady will consider for publication articles about technological alterations to Rolls-Royce and Bentley motorcars as long as they are in the interest of increased safety, reduced emissions or about the addition of items approved by the Chief Judge, such as air-conditioning on post-WWII motorcars. The list of approved changes can be found in the judging manual.
·         The Flying Lady will not be used as a "soap box” by the Editor, the Board, or HQ staff. It will remain strictly neutral in all matters, and inform but not influence whatever discussion the Club has internally (lawsuits, controversial decisions, problems, issues with vendors, slander etc.).
·         The Flying Lady will not take an overtly antagonistic stance against the car companies. While TFL reserves the right to criticize actions taken by the factories – the companies will be afforded the benefit of a doubt. If an article in TFL criticizes the companies, there should be a clear and compelling reason for it.