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Silver Shadow
SRH14518, 1973 Silver Shadow                           LRX22245, 1975 Silver Shadow

In 1965, the Company introduced an entirely new automobile known as the "Silver Shadow".  This car, is shorter and lower than its predecessor, has greater visibility for the driver, and is certainly a more suitable car for the owner-driver in city traffic and parking.  The Silver Shadow is the first Rolls-Royce car to incorporate independent suspension all around, and a hydraulically-controlled automatic height and leveling system.  It has a new and highly efficient air conditioner, a top speed that could be as much as 120 MPH, and superb road-holding ability.

Length of the Silver Shadow is just under 17 feet, and the full height is a fraction under 5 feet.  The car as seen in the front is much lower and with a flatter radiator than the Cloud series.  The Silver Shadow will achieve 60 MPH from a standing start in 12 seconds, even though it is a heavy car.  The engine is an improved version of the 6230 cc aluminum V-8 introduced in 1959, with redesigned heads.

The standard version of the Silver Shadow is a four-door, rather slab-sided steel sedan with some light alloy body components and conventional rear end appearance.  For the first time a Rolls-Royce chassis was designed with no seperate frame, the front and rear assemblies being fitted into an integral chassis and body, constructed with a great deal of welding.  There is a six-disc hydraulic brake system, power-assisted steering, independent coil springing all around, 15-inch wheels, Lucas four-lamp headlighting and other Lucas electrical compnents.  There are back up  lights, fog lamps, flashers, wrap-around bumpers, seatbelts and all the other features needed to meet US safety regulations.  The car has a GM-designed torque converter automatic transmission.

In 1967, two 2-door coachbuilt versions of the Silver Shadow were announced, one by H. J. Mulliner, Park Ward and the other by James Young. 

The companion Bentley is known as the T-Type and is identical to the Silver Shadow in every respect except for the radiator shell which retains the familiar Bentley shape.

CRH2024, Silver Shadow