Upper Canada


For the enjoyment of Rolls-Royce and Bentley motorcars in Ontario, Canada
The Upper Canada Region (UCR) is a sub-chapter of the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club (RROC) in Mechanicsburg PA.  The Upper Canada Region has approximately 100 members.  To be a member of the UCR, one must first become a member of the RROC, and then join the UCR.  The membership fee for the UCR is currently US$38 (Can$50) plus $1 for a spousal membership.  The UCR fees are paid through RROC who remit the amounts received to UCR.
Membership benefits include:
  • There are approximately twelve local events during the year; these are planned and organized by local members on a volunteer basis primarily in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) area year with emphasis on driving our Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars, sometimes referred to as Proper Motor Cars (PMC).
  • Our most popular events include the Sunday Brunch held every January.  This provides an opportunity to meet and greet during the winter season when most of the PMCs have been stored away.  Our Fall Tour, and sometimes an additional Spring Tour, is also a very popular event, with most participants driving their PMCs on the beautiful secondary roads of Southwestern Ontario.  The year is closed out with our annual Awards Banquet, which is an opportunity to celebrate the past years events by awarding trophies to those who excelled in a particular category.  A major feature of this event is a Silent Auction with proceeds going to a favourite charity.
  • From time to time we are able to arrange technical events.  While this could be part of one of the annual tours when we visit a particular area where there is something of interest to visit, this would usually consist of a visit to a car dealership, factory or similar site in the GTA, or sometimes even include a visit to someone’s significant car collection.
  • Membership in the UCR provides the opportunity to local members to meet fellow enthusiasts, share ideas or even look for technical assistance with your PMC.  One of our members trained as a technician with a Rolls-Royce and Bentley repair facility, and he is always willing to answer technical questions to help you keep you with a restoration or service matter pertaining to your car.
  • The Canadian Lady, a bi-annual publication of the UCR, contains articles regarding past club events and other information are pertinent to our Club.  The Canadian Lady has won three McFarlane Trophy Awards.  The Editor at the time of those three awards were Daphne Austin in 1988, John Dreyer in 1991, and Duncan and Sharon Willock in 2015.
  • The club events for the year are planned in late December or early January, and a Tentative Activities Schedule is sent to all current members outlining our events for that year.
  • Members may list your PMC or parts for sale in The Canadian Lady for free of charge.
  • Ownership of a Rolls-Royce or Bentley motorcar is not a requirement of membership in UCR.

Chairpersons Duncan and Sharon Willock 416-459-5610 ddwillock@rogers.com or s.willock@rogers.com
Vice-Chairperson Margaret Jones 905-770-3804 margruss@rogers.com
Treasurer Russ Jones 905-770-3804 margruss@rogers.com
Secretary Peter Neilson 416-464-2701 peter.neilson@shibleyrighton.com
Activities Marilyn Turner 416-227-1693 garyturner@sympatico.ca
Membership Gary Turner 416-227-1693 garyturner@sympatico.ca
Editor, Web Page Susan Popp 905-876-3241 susulucky66@icloud.com

Saturday Escarpment Drive/Lunch May 11th Paul & Jan Dullaert 519-745-2048
Saturday Kleinburg Walking Tour June 8th Margaret Jones 905-770-3804
Sunday Drive w/Citroen Club/Microbrewery July 7th Bob Rea 905-512-2529
Saturday HMCS OJIBWA Submarine Tour August 10th Willfried Gerlach 289-445-1413
Sunday/Monday Fall Run September 29-30th Gary & Marilyn Turner 416-227-1693
Sunday Tea in the Country Ocotber 20th Renate Bracht 519-578-8682
Saturday Holiday Banquet November 9th Sharon & Duncan Willock 416-459-5610
Saturday Executive Meeting December 7th  

Sunday Classics Against Cancer June 16th Georgetown, Ontario
Monday to Sunday RROC National Meet July 22-28th Troy, MI
Sunday Cobble Beach Concours D'Elegance September 15th  
Sunday British Car Day September 15th Bronte Provincial Park
Sunday Classic Car Toy Drive Run October 6th Country Heritage Park, Milton
Jan & Paul Duellart 519-745-2048