Phantom I

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The Phantom I Society began forming in 1998 due to the efforts of John deCampi, Jules Silvers and Rufus Smith.  They all wanted to form a society dedicated to The New Phantom.  The society got off and running after the 2000 national RROC meet in Lexington.  The group got together with the other PI owners at the end of the national meet and the formation of our society had begun, soon to be a recognized affiliate with the RROC.
Our aim is to promote the preservation and restoration of The New Phantom.  In this endeavor we publish newsletters and post information to the “members only” section of our society web pages.  Our newsletters and web site both contain technical articles and pictures, written by other members of The PI Society.  We encourage all of our members to document their restoration and maintenance of their cars and submit the articles for publication.
We also sponsor technical seminars to allow members “hands on” sessions to better learn about the maintenance on their cars.  We hold these at the national RROC meets as well as at restoration shops that we recognize as doing quality work on our cars.