Shoup Award Winners

Outstanding Region/Society Participation
In 1984, the Shoup Award was created by the Rebel Region originally to encourage Pre-War motorcar participation in Region/Society Meets. Today the Award is given to the Region/Society with the largest computed score for the participation of Member owned cars in a single Region/Society event.  The award is named after our club’s first President, and a true gentleman, Sam Shoup. The event must be a single day affair. Multi-day tours or meets are not recognized as Shoup eligible events. There is no limit as to the number of cars a member can bring to the meet, however, a Region/Society member must own all cars computed in the score.  
Organizing and conducting an event that encourages a large turnout of member’s cars is exciting, challenging, and rewarding. Those Regions that have been Shoup Award winners worked diligently to produce an interesting event, and very hard to encourage members to bring their motorcars.  
It is the responsibility of the Region/Affiliate applying for the award to record each member’s name and their car(s) make, year, model, and chassis number. Once the data is organized, the material is then submitted to the Vice-President of Regions and Affiliates. The time frame for eligible meets usually runs from July 1 to June 30. Contact the Vice-President Regions/Affiliates for exact dates. The winner of the Shoup Award will be announced at the awards banquet during the Annual Meet.       
Pre-war cars will receive 35 points and post-war cars will receive 15 points for participating in a Region/Affiliate meet. There are no bonus points for body styles, chassis types, etc. However, Edwardian Ghosts will receive 50 points for participating. The total car score is then divided by the number of Full Members within the Region/Society. This weighs the score such that small Regions/Societies can compete fairly with large Regions/Societies. The smallest Region in the RROC is on equal footing with the largest.  After the division of the score by the number of full members the resulting factor is used to determine the winner.    
In applying for the Shoup Award please include a description of the event, a roster of the cars in attendance including owner name and chassis number.  Please also include the calculation of points awards and confirm the number of active members with RROC-HQ to determine the division.  The cut off date for submittals is June 30th.  
In the prior 34 years, the award has been won by nine different Regions, whose membership base varies in size from some of the smallest Regions to some of the largest.

2018 Lake Michigan Region Dennis Johnston
2017 San Diego Region Al Whitley
2016 Lake Michigan Region           James Szczepanik               
2015 Lake Michigan Region           James Szczepanik         
2014 Lake Michigan Region James Carlini
2013 Lake Michigan Region James Carlini
2012 San Diego Region Yvonne Webb
2011 Motor Region Gary Rock
2010 Can Am Prairie Region Rob Manderson
2009 Motor Region Richard Vaughan
2008 British Columbia Region Anthony James May
2007 Can-Am Prairie Region Kathy Doyle
2006 Yankee Region Michael Gaetano
2005 Yankee Region Michael Gaetano
2004 Lake Michigan Region Bob Merrifield
2003 Rebel Region Brad Bethel
2002 Lake Michigan Region Robert Ritholz
2001 No Award  
2000 Lake Michigan Region Robert Ritholz
1999 Lake Michigan Region MIchelle James
1998 British Columbia Region John Craig
1997 Yankee Region B.J. Jefferson, Jr.
1996 St. Lawrence Valley Region Roger Bradley
1995 Lake Michigan Region Robin James
1994 Lake Michigan Region Robin James
1993 Lake Michigan Region Robin James
1992 Rebel Region Graham Davenport
1991 Motor Region Martin Leavitt
1990 Rebel Region Comer Train
1989 Motor Region Lawrence Becerra
1988 Southern California Region Not Listed
1987 Rebel Region Not Listed
1986 Rebel Region Not Listed
1985 Southern California
San Diego Regions
Not Listed
1984 British Columbia Region Not Listed