Derby Bentley

The Derby Bentley Society, an affiliate of the Rolls-Royce Owners' Club, came into being through the enthusiastic efforts of a group of RROC members who either own or highly appreciate the Derby Bentley marque. The founders met at the home of Dale & Marcia Powers in Anna Maria, Florida on February 15, 1997. It was there that the first group of officers and directors was elected and the by-laws adopted.

The founding members together with their officers and directors set the tone for the Society when they selected as its motto "On the Road", which is the title of the newsletter. Keeping all of our Derby Bentleys running and roadworthy, and appreciating the joys of touring in them, represent the central theme of the Society. Restoring and maintaining these grand motor cars, and establishing and nurturing a social structure of friends who will come together whenever they can to enjoy their cars, are the primary goals of the Society.

The inaugural edition of "On the Road" was published in May, 1997. It offers articles of historical and technical interest, as well as write-ups of meets and tours and a chronicle of upcoming events. Our "Inaugural Membership Directory" was published in June, 1997. It features a listing of our current officers and directors, membership roster, car roster, and by-laws.

We invite members from BDC, RREC, RROC of Australia, The Derby Bentley Register (our RREC counterpart), and any other Derby Bentley owner or enthusiast from around the world to join DBS. 

Please visit the Derby Bentley Society Website