Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating at least ten qualified candidates annually for Directors of the Club. The committee’s responsibilities shall include:

1 Managing and administering the budget allocated to nomination committee

2 Identifying qualified candidates for Directors.

3 Soliciting input from Board members for feedback on directors eligible for re-nomination

4 Soliciting input from members to evaluate directors eligible for re-nomination

5 Soliciting input from the Boards of Regions and Societies to identify potential nominees for directors

6 Evaluating geographic distribution of membership to determine that distribution of director nominees is representative of membership distribution

7 Screening nominees to assure they meet the minimum standards prescribed in the Bylaws and in the Club’s Policies and Procedures.

Prepare reports to the Board on matters related to nominations and the Nominating Committee as required by the Board.

Prepare and recommend to the Board the Policies and Procedures, which should be included as a part of the operations of this committee, the RROC and its members.

Committee Chair - Bob Fahning
Dale Clark
George Edwards
Doug Seibert
Gary Turner