Pacific Northwest

A Little About Our Members

The Pacific Northwest Region and the adjacent BC Region form a hotbed of British car enthusiasts who yearly conduct three All British Field Meets in Vancouver BC, Bellevue, WA and Portland, OR.  Over 600 cars routinely arrive for these events.  But our web site is dedicated to our Rolls and Bentley motorcar nutcakes so let’s talk a bit about them.  Approximately 150 “Proper Motor Cars” and their owners are members of our region and have the demographics as displayed here.  

The population of our region is concentrated along the Interstate-5 corridor stretching ~200 miles between the greater metropolitan areas of Seattle and Portland.  Yet over half of our members live outside this corridor in widely diverse locations, ranging from the cartographic accident that is Point Roberts, WA in the north, to the windswept ocean beaches of Langlois, OR to the south, and east to the ski runs of Sun Valley at Ketchum, ID.  Since these locations are about 650 miles apart, our members typically drive long distances to join our activities.  But our reach goes beyond our assigned region to California, Alaska, Utah, Ontario and British Columbia, Canada as well.  Therefore our quarterly publication “The Jubilee Hose Clamp” is a link to stay in touch.  Browse about our site and perhaps you would like to join us.  Just having an interest in these cars is all that is required.  About 20% of our membership does not presently own a Rolls Royce or Bentley motorcar.   But no one said that they are not LOOKING!

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