Shavney Membership Award

Outstanding Region/Society Membership Growth and Retention
The Peter Shavney Membership and Retention Award recognizes the Region or Society with the highest combination of membership growth and retention in the prior calendar year. The Award is named after one of our founding members, Peter Shavney.
This award recognizes the Region/Society that has the largest computed membership score for new and retained members. To calculate the membership score for the Peter Shavney Award, only paid Full members are counted. Spouse/Partner members, and first year free members are not included as part of the calculation. The retention component for membership is worth 25% of the score and the new member increase is worth 75% of the score. The number of new full members is divided by the Region/Society total number of full members at the end of last year. The number of renewed full members is divided by the Region/Society total number of full members at the end of last year. This calculation weighs the score so that a small and a large Region/Society compete on the same basis.
For example:
A Region has 100 paid full members at the end of the previous year. During the following year they have 90 members renew and 15 new full members. Their score would be:
Retention:        90/100 = .90 x .25 = .225
New:                15/100 = .15 x .75 = .1125
Total score:                .225 + .1125 = .3375
The Region or Society with the highest score wins the award.
It is the responsibility of the Region or Society to apply for this award. The time frame for eligibility is the January 1st through December 31st of the prior year. The winner of the Peter Shavney Membership Award will be announced at the awards banquet during the Annual Meet. The cut off date for submittals is January 31st . The HQ staff calculates the scores based on their membership records.
2023 Lake Michigan Region
2022 Iroquois Region
2021 Arizona/New Mexico Region
2020 Goshawk Society
2019 Goshawk Society
2018 Can Am Prairie Region
2017 Southern Delta Region
2016 Southern Delta Region
2015 Headquarters Region
2014 24 Karat Region