Welcome to the Ohio Region Rolls-Royce Owners' Club site. Our Region is comprised of approximately a hundred enthusiasts who enjoy sharing our appreciation of great cars, especially Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

We continue a tradition started by the Hon Charles Stewart Rolls and W. O. Bentley as we enjoy learning about, talking about, and driving these outstanding automobiles. To this end, we have traveled the world, as well as, around Ohio.  Each year, we have a luncheon at a country club in the Columbus area to meet and enjoy great food. As a fund raiser for the Club, there is an auction of fun items and usually a complementary bottle of wine so nobody goes home empty handed. Other activities have included  technical sessions and traveling to interesting places in Ohio, such as Ashtabula County where they have more covered bridges than any other county in the country. Some regional tours included a visit to one of Al Capone's favorite speak-easys in historic Bucyrus; watching ceramic pottery being made; and having lunch at a winery near Lake Erie.  These great automobiles bring us together, and the friendly people keep us coming back.

Our full color newsletter is The Spirit.  It is several pages in length and printed on high quality paper.  We wish to thank our sponsors for their support, and we encourage you to learn more about the many services and products of RR/B merchants in Ohio.
It is not necessary to own a British car to join our club. For people who are first time members of the National RROC organization, there is an incentive to join us, too.  Your first year membership fee is complimentary.

Happy motoring, and we conclude with the motto engraved on Sir Henry Royce's fireplace,
quidvis recte factum, quamvis humile, praeclarum.