The Activities Committee is responsible for the development and administration of National events, including the Annual Meet, Tours, Interregional Meets and other National activities. The Chairperson of the Activities Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors. The Chairman appoints the Members of this Committee. The Committee shall have at least four total members. The Committee is responsible for recommending National events to the RROC Board for review and approval. In addition, the Committee shall provide updated reports on the status of scheduled events. The Committee’s responsibilities shall include:

Managing and administering the budget allocated to the Activities Committee

Identifying National events

Identifying hosts for National events.

Assisting event host with event planning and process information.

Providing mentors for event hosts.

Managing the collection and evaluation of event data and participation feedback

Assisting with event publicity.

Promoting member participation in Club events.

Prepare and recommend to the Board the Policies and Procedures which should be included as a part of the operations of the committee, the RROC and its members.

Simon White – Committee Chair