Long Range Planning

The Long Range Planning Committee is responsible for assisting the Board of Directors in developing a strategic plan for the Club that provides a roadmap to shape and guide the future actions of the Board. The Board appoints the Chairman of the Long Range Planning Committee. The Chairman appoints the Members of this Committee. The Committee shall have at least four total members. Develop recommendations to the Board for dealing with long-range planning issues.

Work with other Club Committees regarding input and recommendations regarding long range concepts.

Undertake special long-range planning assignments as directed by the Board. Establish a planning horizon for recommendations.

Discuss and develop issues which the RROC should be actively addressing to maintain and improve a vibrant and productive organization which will remain responsive to its Membership.

Identify contacts with other major automobile clubs in the USA and overseas to learn of the major issues which they are dealing.

Stay abreast of legislation which may influence how the RROC conducts business in the future.

Prepare and recommend to the Board the Policies and Procedures which should be included as a part of the operations of this committee, the RROC and its Members.

Prepare Reports to the Board on matters of Long Range Planning as required by the Board.

Manage any budget created for activities of the Long Range Planning Committee.

Gil Fuqua - Committee Chairman