The Membership Committee is responsible for recruitment and retention of Club members. The Board appoints the Chairman of the Membership Committee. The Chairman appoints the Members of this Committee. The Committee shall have at least four total members. The Committee’s responsibilities shall include:

Recommend to the Board of Directors the classes of Membership within the RROC.

Recommend to the Board of Directors the eligibility requirements for Membership.

Develop and implement systems and programs to maintain and grow the membership.

Establish recommendations for increasing Membership value and benefit.

Oversight of Membership record keeping and processing policies.

Interface with the Budget & Finance Committee to develop recommendations for Dues and Membership Fees.

Establish communications links in concert with the Regions and Societies Committee to review issues, provide advice and assistance with the membership chairs of the Regions and Societies.

Prepare and recommend to the Board the Policies and Procedures which should be included as a part of the operations of this Committee, the RROC and its Members.

Prepare reports to the Board on matters of Membership as required by the Board.

Manage any budget created for activities of the Membership Committee.

Marilyn Turner - Committee Chairperson