Finance and Budget

The Finance & Budget Committee is responsible for the development and administration of the RROC’s financial operations, including preparation of the Club’s budget. The Chairperson of the Finance & Budget Committee shall be the Club’s Treasurer. The Treasurer appoints the Members of this Committee. The Committee shall have at least four total members. In addition, the Executive Director shall be an ex-officio member of the Finance & Budget Committee. The Committee’s responsibilities shall include:

Developing and monitoring the Club’s budget

Recommending changes to the budget to the Board of Directors

Forecasting cash flows

Recommending investments of surplus funds

Reviewing Club bookkeeping.

Working with independent CPA in conducting and planning of annual audit

Working with tax accountants in planning and preparing Club tax returns

Prepare reports to the Board on matters related to the finances of the Club as required by the Board.

Prepare and recommend to the Board the Policies and Procedures which should be included as a part of the operations of this Committee, the RROC and its members.

Manage any budget created for activities of the Finance & Budget Committee.

Jon Waples – Committee Chairman